BAG -made and print to order



  My new spring- summer bag collection 


It took months of study and preparation to create and publish this new line of my brand.
The design that you will find in the products was entirely created and painted by me, during the months of lockdown.
Alternating moments of study and research with moments of creativity, where I let ideas flow free from my head to the canvas, I created a very colorful mini collection, ranging from typical pop art inspirations of the Seventies and Eighties to more realistic techniques.
I have mixed and played with various painting techniques, both the classic ones that use the graphic tablet, but always working freehand.
The result is a peculiar collection, with contrasting colors but always harmonious with each other.
All products are limited edition and printed to order, if you want some customized product, feel free to write to me and I will be more than happy to make your desired product :)