The course will star 4th of August 2021 at The Makery, Studio14, E14 UJ .

Only 10 spaces available, max 5 students per class.



An intensive and comprehensive tailoring course that will provides a unique opportunity for people wanting to acquire the high level knowledge, skills and experience needed for employment in the fashion industry or to establish their own businesses.

This is a flexible modular programme and comprises advanced study modules in pattern cutting, fitting and remarking; trousers and waistcoat making; and coat/jacket making,.


At the beginning of the course you will receive the booklet with all the pattern/ sewing instructions and tricks to be able to create your collection in the flawless, easiest, and faster way.


For each class no more than 5 students are accepted, in order to be able to follow each individual student in a precise and specific way

The Teacher


Elena Milani is an Italian fashion designer and patternmaker, she has extensive knowledge and experience in teaching pattern cutting, fitting and tailoring having taught at her own bespoke fashion company for more than a decade, gaining clients from all over the world.

In 2012, come back in the professional school she attended as Head Heacher for the central Venice mainland area.

She teached until July 2019 when she moved in London permanently.

Now that the pandemic seems to be under control, she has decided to start training the tailors of the future again, as she did in Italy.

Elena Milani firmly believes that having classes with few students allows you to learn better and faster the basics of building patterns and the tricks to make perfect garments quickly.


The Course will start in July 2021.


There are only 20 spaces available, with maximum 5 student per class.

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