The early years

It all started when I was six years old:
I was a little girl dressed in tartan, walking the rumbling vibrant streets of Milan. I remember tugging at my father’s hand, gesturing for him to stop and admire with me, the sight of the Giorgio Armani wear displayed in a show window. I was so little, the emotions so powerful, feeling something I had never felt in life. From that moment, I knew I would become a fashion designer, to deliver beauty to the world, through my vision, from the eyes of a girl who was brought up in the hub of European fashion.
Like every great passion, there have been struggles, ups and downs, times of wanting to throw it away, but my internal enjoy of threading needles through fabric and the art of design, has always pulled me back in.



After an apprenticeship in high fashion production companies in Italy, a master course at the Accademia del Lusso, and professional tailoring courses at Centro Trimoda, I opened the Atelier in 2011, a small paradise immersed in a garden in Venice mainland. Year after year, I have created collections that I now sells throughout the globe.

My work has always been focused on cutting and printing,  I create smart elegance collections, which means to do deep research of the cut and the silhouettes also for "everyday" clothes, not only for the evening/ceremony ones.
I like to create well-cut, colorful and comfortable clothes, but above all immersed in reality, which is the most important thing for me.

When I imagine a dress, this works in my mind, but then I want it to work in reality.

The two things go hand in hand for me.

Creating a dress for me means helping a woman to dress, my work of creation is all based on respect for the body and women; understanding what they want and what they expect from my clothes is my first rule.

In 2019 I moved my business to the quaint district just outside London, a gorgeous shipping town on the bank of the Crouch River where I created a new and modern collection, available to order here on my website.

Thanks to my tailoring and modelling skills, I also become the reference point for women looking for a dress to be carefully woven to satisfy whatever their imagination desires. Many come to me for inspiration, as well as dresses. Her rich and elegant style has become known through the northwest of Italy. Particularly in the Milan and Venice regions. My life experiences have manifested into my work. Wearing my dresses, you’re wearing a piece of Italy.

I have always had the passion and creativity in creating clothes, I've always been fascinated by the mastery of tailors to make something wonderful from a simple rectangle of fabric. It was my life mission to emulate them, but with my own style and touch.
Everything I makes, I want a piece of me in it; there should never be a dress or piece of clothing conjured by me purely to be paid.
Thus, after graduating from the University of Padua, I passed the selections for the master in Fashion Product & Program Manager at the Accademia del Lusso in Milano. In 2011, despite being encouraged not to go on my own and that I needed a team around me, I opened the atelier with my own brand.
In the atelier in Venice I creates exclusive garments, from the initial sketch to the modelling and packaging part, at the request of customers, and every season I creates small samples that I sells, always on order, also on my e-commerce site.
I create smart elegant collection to show off day and night, wherever you may be; I provide and create from hand tailor-made clothes, nurtured to the smallest detail, from Venice to New York, the Elena Milani Couture, with my fashion designer dress, dresses the dynamic woman who knows about trends and style, made for any occasion, whether that be a small function with friends or an elegant dinner out with fellow professionals.
Well cut, colourful, comfortable, but above all, our garments have a drop of reality, yet do have the ability to manifest someone’s imagination.
Whether it's casual business outfits, for cocktails or more formal ceremonies, the Elena Milani Couture looks to dress women with real untainted elegance, ones who are committed to everyday life yet refuse to throw away glamour and fashion trends. Women who head to work in office clothes in the morning, do not have time to change their attire to attend that cocktail party at night; but with me, I offer a versatility which gives a dress or wear which can appropriately be worn in the office, and out at night. I do this without compromising your look. Women deserve to feel confident in what they wear wherever they might be. I want to ensure that my clients’ vision is made a reality as much as possible.
Yes. It sounds like a dream - but a brand like this really exists, it’s something which has been founded by me.

American fashion gurus took notice of clothes designer Elena in 2011, when I had just opened my business, presenting my first collection - but, as I admits, it came at a time where I was not structured and lacked foundation, I did not where I was in life; I know I wanted to make clothes, but did just not know where to go.

The present and go on….

Ten years later, my distinct style has gained further international attention and acclaim, again from the States.
In February 2018 I was invited to attend the renowned New York Fashion Week, to show off my Winter 2019 collection. The collection went down a hit, many coming up to me to give my respect and acclamation for my work.
It’s been a long winding - and necessary - road.

Here at Elena Milani Couture, I know the contemporary market; some designers are focused on the artistic aspect of fashion, others on the practical aspect - but I try to make a balance both these elements.
I think that fashion is about being yourself and being playful and having fun but also having a point of view.
At Elena Milani Couture, my team and I, maintain our finger on the pulse of what moves the fashion and design industry, simultaneously serving as a recognized influencer and tastemaker. While closely monitoring fashion, design, retail, food and architecture, we are always a step ahead and on to the next thing, before it is the 'next thing.'

I ensure that my clients have to the best from across all fashion and lifestyle. In part, this is accomplished through the refined cultural sensitivity of my small team, through which they recognise the varied needs of consumers in different parts of the world.

My main focus is the Millennials that crave the new, different, and authentic, while often scorning traditional brands. Digital technology gives to the brand an easier way to engage with consumers, who are increasingly glued to the internet, my team can chat with them almost in real-time, we can create a real connection with them, and build a trusted relation.
Small brands, like mine fit the preferences of millennials, who will increasingly constitute the market, and the culture they have created.