For your exclusive garment, designed for you and with you, fill out the form below, specifying when you need it and the occasion.

I will answer you as soon as possible to start working together on the garment of your dreams.
Daywear: production time 20/30 working days from order confirmation.
Prices starting from 250£ 

Prom: production time 3 months from order confirmation.
Prices starting from 300 £
Bespoke Mother of the bride/groom: production time 2 months from order confirmation.
Price starting from 600£ 

 Bespoke Wedding dress: production time is minimum 4 months, so be sure to book in advance your dream-dress.
Prices starting from 1900 £
All the Prices include:
- 2 fittings (3 for brides)
- fabrics research
-material (fabric/threads/etc)
-made to measure pattern (I do not use ready-pattern)
- cutting and sewing your bespoke creation 
- professional ironing