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Italian craft -design.
Italian taste.
Made in London.

 From grandmother to granddaughter
      in our bespoke fashion designer shop ,
the love for elegant and refined creations never goes out...

Meet Elena Milani

Where It All Started

My present job is my dream since I was 6 y.o. and I focused my life and my studies on this goal in my mind.

Since starting my own business, Elena Milani Couture in 2011, I’ve been serving the Venice area with professional tailoring services, and now I give the same home service here in the London area. My work has always been focused on cutting and printing,  I create smart elegance collections, which means to do deep research of the cut and the silhouettes also for "everyday" clothes, not only for the evening/ceremony ones.
I like to create well-cut, colorful and comfortable clothes, but above all immersed in reality, which is the most important thing for me. When I imagine a dress, this works in my mind, but then I want it to work in reality.

The two things go hand in hand for me.
Creating a dress for me means helping a woman to dress, my work of creation is all based on respect for the body and women; understanding what they want and what they expect from my clothes is my first rule.

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