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When we use the term bespoke, we are referring to a process where the client has a consultation for a proposed  item of clothing they would like to order, made specifically to suit their body measurements and shape.

Our bodies are not perfectly symmetrical, despite what the fashion magazines would have us believe; as human beings rather than shop mannequins, we are made up of many figure variations.

In the world of sewing there are no faults with our lovely bodies, one shoulder may be higher than the other, our torso long or short, we may have a sway back, or a tiny waist with prominent protruding hips; these are a few examples that are taken into account with bespoke garments.

Why do I use the term magic? 

Take for example the reference of ‘one shoulder being higher than the other’: with made-to-measure you can create the illusion of symmetry, through the cut of the garment and the inner shaping involved.

When you wear a garment that fits and compliments your body it can effect a complete transformation.

  • From a tailored blazer to the evening gown nothing is impossible in my...

    1 hr 30 min

    From 650
  • we create your dream dress

    2 hr

    from 2500
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