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La sartoria artigiana di Venezia



Who is Elena Milani and her contemporary tayloring. 

About Elena Milani



Since the opening of the Studio in 2011, our work has always been focused on the cut and the prints that I realize persoally, my style could be define artistic-architectural. We create smart elegance collections, wich means doing a deep research of cut and silhouettes for "everyday" clothes, not only for evening wear/ ceremony. 

If I had to use adjectives for my creations, I would say well cut, colored and comfortable, but above all immersed in reality, wich is the most important thing for me. When I imagine a dress, it works in my mind, but then, I want it works also in reality; the two things go hand in hand for me.

Creating a dress for me, means helping a woman to express herself, my work of creation is all based on respect for the body of women, understanding what they want and what they expect from my clothes, is my first rule.